Bristol Bay Alaska: 1875 small businesses feeding the world!

Bristol Bay is home to the largest sustainable wild sockeye salmon run.  Over 50% of the world’s salmon comes from this one body of water, located in southwestern Alaska.   All of the fish harvested in the bay are caught using gillnets, a technique for fishing that started in the early 1800's. To this day, we still use the same size boats (32ft) that were used in the 1800's. The latest Bristol Bay Economic Report states that the harvesting, processing, and retailing of Bristol Bay salmon is worth $1.5 billion in value, and thousands of jobs.

Bristol Bay (Iilgayaq in Central Yup'ik) is the eastern-most arm of the Bering Sea, at 57° to 59° North 157° to 162° West in Southwest Alaska. Bristol Bay is 400 km (250 mi) long and 290 km, (180 mi) wide at its mouth. A number of rivers flow into the bay, including the Cinder, Egegik, Igushik, Kvichak, Meshik, Nushagak, Naknek, Togiak, and Ugashik.