Bristol Bay Alaska: 1875 small businesses feeding the world!

Filming Part One: Bristol Bay Preseason 

In June 2013 Elijah Lawson and Randall Peck spent two weeks in Dillingham, Alaska and the surrounding Bristol Bay area capturing the preseason work of the commercial fishing fleet. The nimble crew of two packed only what they needed to get the job done and only what they could carry. They took a Sony F3, two Sony NEX 5N's (with underwater housing), two gopros, a Canon t2i still camera, dana dolly, and sound gear. The gear covered a lot of miles - across salt water, over fresh water lakes, up ridges, down to the beach and into the lives of the people who catch the wild salmon we eat. Welcomed and supported by all they met, classic modes of Alaska transportation got them where they wanted to be - boats and skiffs of all sorts, small planes, bicycles, four wheelers and lots of hoofing it around. 

Filming Part One: Bristol Bay Preseason  offers a shoreside look at what it takes to get a commercial salmon fishing boat 'off the hard' and on to the fishing grounds of Bristol Bay. This preview of footage shot for Tails from Bristol Bay will give you a look at an Alaska you probably haven't seen. That is, unless you are a commercial fisherman working Bristol Bay.

Filming Part Two: Fishing Bristol Bay is currently in the works. Elijah Lawson is shooting the action on the water as he and his crew gillnet for salmon on fishing vessel Potential. Look for Filming Part Two: Fishing Bristol Bay in August. You'll see a salt sprayed preview full of fish, nets, crazy weather and the action from the fishing grounds of Bristol Bay.