Two days left! EPA needs to hear Bristol Bay matters

Comment by June 30th!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is accepting comments from the public on the environmental impact statement (EIS) that was release for Bristol Bay. The EIS considers what the impacts of the proposed Pebble Mine would be on the Bristol Bay watershed and all that lives, breaths, grows, swims and flows through it. In short, the report say the Pebble Mine is not good! Bad for fish, water and the pristine environment that is Bristol Bay.

The link that is provided will take you to Earthworks webpage where you can learn more about the Pebble Mine issue and make your comment to the EPA. Commenting only takes a minute and will do so much good. Thank you for considering taking part in protecting Bristol Bay.

Speaking of Earthworks, they found the Tails From Bristol Bay website and asked to use this picture of Elijah. With the added text the image of Elijah on F/V Potential is helping to spread the word! 

Elijah Lawson on F/V Potential in Bristol Bay

Elijah Lawson on F/V Potential in Bristol Bay