Pre season clean. On the way to Bristol Bay.

Just got on the plane in Seattle and will arrive in Dillingham tonight. If you haven't worked on a boat or in a remote location you may be wondering what preseason clean is.

Preseason clean is the last time for a very long time you will be well groomed and clean from head to toe, all layers of clothing fresh from the laundry or your closet. Not that all personal hygiene goes out the window completely at airport security with the bottle of water you forgot in your carry on bag. It just means you do what you can do to make sure you can stand living with yourself on a 32' fishing boat and expect the same of your crew mates who are also crammed in that same boat with you.

Examples of preventative maintenance:

1) On a boat you can brush your teeth and wash your hands and face at the same intervals you do at home on land.

2) You can bring lots of socks and change them often so your feet stay dry and smell is kept to a minimum for the benefit of all on the boat.

3) You can't shower on a daily basis and clothing is worn and worn again until you get back into port to do laundry. You are doing good if you can shower once a week. This requires a trip to port or a visit to a tender, a larger boat that buys fish out on the fishing grounds. Tenders will sometimes let you use their shower if there isn't a line up of boats waiting to sell fish. More on tenders later in the fishing season once I have some pictures to show you...

4) Rain gear that you wear fishing is scrubbed and rinsed at the end of the day to keep it from developing foul odors. This helps to keep what you wear under the rain gear smelling better longer too and makes your crew mates like working on deck with you better.

I borrowed this description from, "Dillingham is located at the extreme northern end of Nushagak Bay in northern Bristol Bay. There is no road access to Dillingham. The community is reached by scheduled jet service from Anchorage and air taxi service from smaller communities."

So I am on a plane, on my way to Dillingham. Stand by for more updates from the Bay once the internet connection is up and running...