Bristol Bay Alaska: 1875 small businesses feeding the world!

Elijah Lawson, Producer and Director

Elijah was a baby in a hammock on a Puget Sound gillnetter.  In the 1970's the Bolt decision moved Elijah's fishing parents up to Bristol Bay.  At ten years old, Elijah started as a second generation fisherman working with his dad.  Elijah has several decades of commercial fishing experience in Bristol Bay, first as a deckhand and now as the captain of his own boat, F/V Potential. When he's not fishing, he can be found on film sets and on commercial productions all over the world.   Some of his clients include National Geographic, Discovery Channel, HIstory Channel, Oprah, CBS, ABC, various feature documentaries and feature films. 

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Randall Peck, Director of Photography

Randy has been shooting film, video and digital media since 1984. He started his career in New York City working with fashion and music Director/ DP Bill Marpet. After 3 years in Manhattan he left for Seattle where he’s been freelancing since. His work has taken him to 5 continents, shooting a range of projects. Some of his current and past clients include Bud Greenspan and Cappy Productions, NBA Entertainment, HBO, Discovery, PBS, MTV, NFL Networks, Sony Pictures and ESPN. Randy owns and operates the Sony PMW F3.

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